Child custody proceedings can be difficult for the parents involved. Most New York parents want to be able to spend as much time with their children as they like, but court orders and custody terms may not allow that to happen. If individuals are concerned about their custody outcomes, they may wish to find out how to approach their case or potentially seek modifications.

It was recently reported that fathers in another state were concerned that they were not being fairly considered during custody proceedings. Some individuals apparently believe that mothers are automatically considered the more capable parent, and therefore, fathers are being made out to be absentee parents due to custody arrangements. However, some believe that this stigma is becoming outdated.

The report noted that other individuals believe that the notion of mothers being more capable is one that has declined over the years. When court decisions are made regarding custody, those decisions are often made with the best interest of the children in mind. Therefore, if a parent has already been present and active in a child’s life, it is likely that the court will want that parent to remain active in that manner.

The idea of potentially losing or seeing a child significantly less can be a fear of any parent. Therefore, if New York parents know that they will be entering into child custody proceedings, they may want to ensure that they are prepared as best as possible for the case. Information on what the process entails may be useful to interested individuals.

Source:, “NC-Fathers Press for Equal Custody of Children“, Hope Hanselman, Jan. 19, 2016