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January 2016 Archives

Custody outcomes may concern New York parents

Child custody proceedings can be difficult for the parents involved. Most New York parents want to be able to spend as much time with their children as they like, but court orders and custody terms may not allow that to happen. If individuals are concerned about their custody outcomes, they may wish to find out how to approach their case or potentially seek modifications.

Financial knowledge may be useful in New York asset division

Coming to terms with the decision to go through with divorce may not be easy for New York residents. Though there will likely be many obstacles to face as they proceed with the divorce process, taking certain steps may be able to help them better prepare. Not letting their emotions get the better of them and having financial knowledge could be useful, especially during asset division.

New York residents may reconsider putting off divorce

Though many New York residents will likely want to give their best efforts before filing for divorce, sometimes those efforts are simply not enough. As a result, individuals may be facing the end of their marriage, but continue to put off divorce for multiple reasons. However, living in an unhealthy environment can wreak havoc on a person, both emotionally and physically, and moving forward with the proceedings may be worth considering.

New law will change spousal support in New York

In September, 2015, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law a bill which amends the formula New York divorce courts use when determining how spousal support and maintenance will be determined. The new law also instructs judges on factors they may take into consideration when deviating from the formula amount.

New Year may mean new child custody arrangements in New York

Whether New York parents are going through divorce, recently divorced or have been divorced for years, child custody issues can still surface. With the New Year freshly started, some New York parents may have some resolutions they wish to make regarding their child custody arrangements. Some of those resolutions may range from being more courteous to an ex-spouse to potentially taking the initiative to seek modifications.

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