For many New York residents, the holidays can bring about mixed emotions. They may want to spend time with their families and enjoy the festivities as much as they can, but some may also be harboring negative feelings about their marriages that could come to a head in the coming months. It was recently reported that the early months of each new year often see a considerable rise in divorce filings than during the end of the year.

Because many individuals may face more spending at the end of the year, they may hold off on immediately filing for divorce as soon as January begins. Though there is a spike in filings during that month from the number of filings in December, March is often considered the peak divorce month. The first few months of the year may allow individuals to get the finances back on track after holiday spending and also allow them to budget for divorce proceedings.

Similarly, individuals who wait to file for divorce may take that time to better prepare themselves in areas other than just finances. Choosing a divorce attorney, divorce process and ensuring that all necessary items are in order can take a considerable amount of time. However, this planning could make a substantial difference in how the proceedings go.

Though the first months of the year are considered the peak divorce season, the decision to divorce could come at any time. Some New York residents may be concerned with how the proceedings will go, and gathering information pertaining to legal options may prove beneficial. Discussing their wishes with an experienced family law attorney may help concerned individuals feel more confident moving forward.

Source: Miami Herald, “Studies show couples wait until after holidays to divorce”, Tim Grant, Dec. 14, 2015