Though divorce is likely not on the minds of New York residents when they marry, it likely would not hurt to prepare for such a potential situation. By creating agreements that address the possible issues that could arise during a divorce, such as asset division and alimony terms, parties can feel prepared if the need for those agreements should arise. If individuals do not take such steps before marriage, creating agreements after marriage is also an option.

A postnuptial agreement was reportedly part of the divorce proceedings between Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas. The two actors had been married for 18 years before filing for divorce in 2014. The proceedings have taken place over the last year, and their divorce was recently finalized. Some details regarding assets and alimony were disclosed in a recent report. 

Apparently, Griffith is entitled to $65,000 a month in alimony from Banderas. She will also remain the owner of a Picasso painting and a house in Aspen. Banderas also maintained ownership of certain pieces of art as well as his income from films he was in before 2004. The couple created a postnuptial agreement during that year, and it was apparently agreed that the pair would split earnings from films they made after 2004.

As this case shows, whether an agreement is made before or after marriage, it could play a role in divorce proceedings. Parties can detail their terms for alimony, asset division, child custody and other issues that pertain to their relationship. Information on creating such agreements or other aspects of divorce may help interested New York residents become more knowledgeable on the subjects.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Melanie Griffith To Get $65K A Month In Antonio Banderas Divorce Settlement“, Carly Ledbetter, Dec. 8, 2015