When individuals go through divorce, they likely understand that they may have to part with some of their possessions. However, if individuals are unsatisfied with their asset division, they may wish to appeal certain court decisions regarding their divorce. New York residents may be interested in a case in another state where a man recently appealed  a decision regarding the ownership of a car.

Reports indicated that a man and woman had gone through divorce proceedings, and during those proceedings, the woman was granted custody of a 1994 Corvette. It was also apparently ruled that the man would have to pay the woman $13,000 if he wanted the vehicle back. However, rather than paying the money to the woman to get the vehicle, he decided to appeal the court decision.

The man stated that the vehicle had been given to him by his grandparents over 15 years before the couple married. Additionally, the pair had never used the vehicle together. As a result of the man’s appeal, he regained ownership of the car and did not have to pay the $13,000.

Divorce proceedings can often leave individuals wondering whether they came away with the best possible terms. In some cases, as with this situation, New York residents may wish to revisit their agreements and rulings to determine if grounds for an appeal may exist or if they would like to seek modifications. Information on taking such action may help interested parties work toward achieving outcomes with which they feel most comfortable. Discussing their wants and hopes with their legal counsel is a good place to start.

Source: ABC News, “Man Wins Custody of ’94 Corvette in Alabama Divorce Case”, Dec. 11, 2015