Divorce may not come easy to New York residents who find themselves facing such a situation, and if there are children involved, they may be particularly concerned over their kids’ welfare. As a result, there could be some tension surrounding child custody and child support issues during the proceedings. Even celebrities could face serious concerns about these topics.

Reportedly, actor Jeremy Renner and now ex-wife Sonni Pacheco recently finalized their divorce proceedings, and a concern that was at the forefront of their divorce was their 2-year-old daughter. There were reports that Renner was afraid that Pacheco may attempt to leave the country with their daughter, as she wished to have physical custody of the child. However, it appears as if they have come to agreements on shared custody.

Though they are reportedly sharing custody, Renner is still required to make child support payments to Pacheco. She will allegedly be receiving $13,000 a month in support, and if Renner’s yearly income exceeds $2.3 million, an additional 5 percent will be added to that payment amount. It was also mentioned that his ex-wife will apparently not be getting alimony.

Concerns over child custody and child support are common during divorce proceedings. If New York residents wish to determine what factors may play a role in their support amounts, they may wish to assess their case and discuss their circumstances with an experienced family law attorney. Exploring their options and how the details of their case will affect them could allow them to move forward in the direction of their desired outcomes.

Source: Us Weekly, “Jeremy Renner Finalizes Divorce, Will Pay Sonni Pacheco $13K a Month in Child Support“, Esther Lee, Dec. 30, 2015