Many New York residents plan to spend time with their families during the holidays. However, the holidays can seem a bit more complicated for individuals who have gone through or are going through divorce and child custody proceedings. Parents may have to determine with whom their children will spend certain holidays and whether they might be able to make changes in order to have a manageable schedule. 

It is understandable that many parents may be saddened by no longer being able to spend every holiday with their children. Many divorced parents alternate holidays in order for both parents to have time with children on different days. Because each case is unique, parents may wish to work toward different terms, such as sharing time on holidays or celebrating holidays on different days.

If parents are able to negotiate in an amicable manner, they may be able to come to custody terms regarding the holidays that suit the needs and desires of everyone involved. No matter what terms are decided upon, it is important that parents stick to them. Violations of custody terms could result in serious legal issues as well as emotional distress for children and parents alike. If an individual wishes to have a different holiday schedule, he or she may wish to consider seeking modifications through the proper legal routes. 

Holidays are typically joyous times, and even if time must be divided, families dealing with child custody issues may still be able to make the most out of their arrangements. If New York parents are concerned over their terms, they may wish to ensure that all parties involved fully understand the custody terms and what they mean for holidays. If changes are desired, information on seeking custody modifications for future holiday schedules may be beneficial.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Surviving Divorce: Holidays Can Be Especially Challenging“, Nov. 18, 2015