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December 2015 Archives

Details of New York divorces may affect child support

Divorce may not come easy to New York residents who find themselves facing such a situation, and if there are children involved, they may be particularly concerned over their kids' welfare. As a result, there could be some tension surrounding child custody and child support issues during the proceedings. Even celebrities could face serious concerns about these topics.

Peak divorce months may affect New York residents

For many New York residents, the holidays can bring about mixed emotions. They may want to spend time with their families and enjoy the festivities as much as they can, but some may also be harboring negative feelings about their marriages that could come to a head in the coming months. It was recently reported that the early months of each new year often see a considerable rise in divorce filings than during the end of the year.

Divorce rulings may not please New York residents

When individuals go through divorce, they likely understand that they may have to part with some of their possessions. However, if individuals are unsatisfied with their asset division, they may wish to appeal certain court decisions regarding their divorce. New York residents may be interested in a case in another state where a man recently appealed  a decision regarding the ownership of a car.

New York residents may wish to make alimony, asset division terms

Though divorce is likely not on the minds of New York residents when they marry, it likely would not hurt to prepare for such a potential situation. By creating agreements that address the possible issues that could arise during a divorce, such as asset division and alimony terms, parties can feel prepared if the need for those agreements should arise. If individuals do not take such steps before marriage, creating agreements after marriage is also an option.

Four signs your spouse is hiding money

Don't trust your spouse? You certainly aren't the first person to feel that way, especially when faced with a divorce. If your spouse makes significant money and you feel he (or she) is hiding something from you to keep you from accessing your fair share, then you need to investigate, particularly if one of the following is true:

Child custody may concern New York parents during holidays

Many New York residents plan to spend time with their families during the holidays. However, the holidays can seem a bit more complicated for individuals who have gone through or are going through divorce and child custody proceedings. Parents may have to determine with whom their children will spend certain holidays and whether they might be able to make changes in order to have a manageable schedule. 

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