It is no secret that many New York parents love their children and hope to do what is best for them. However, when those parents go through divorce, they may have a more difficult time determining what may be best for themselves and their children. As a result, a child custody conflict could arise, and parents and children alike could face emotional hardships.

When parents fight over their children, rather than feeling as if each parent loves them, the kids may begin to think that their parents love to fight more than they actually love them. Children can often feel as if they have been placed on the sidelines as their parents duke it out in litigation, and parents may not always realize that. Parents may believe that they are doing what is best for their children by fighting for the custody terms they want.

However, just because a parent thinks certain terms are fair does not mean that the terms are fair for the parent and children alike. Furthermore, continuing to drag out litigation could lead to emotional turmoil for the children as they face the continued conflict. They may begin to feel anxious or stressed due to trying to deal with custody issues in their own way.

Any legal situation can put individuals in a place where they must make difficult choices. Trying to find terms that work for all parties involved can be a daunting task. However, if they wish, New York residents can seek assistance from an experienced family law attorney. Having such an advocate could help individuals determine the best way to work toward making their child custody agreements complete. 

Source: The Huffington Post, “Parents Should Think Twice Before Engaging in a Custody Battle Over Their Children“, Mark Baer, Nov. 10, 2015