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New York residents may consider divorce mediation

Divorce is a considerable step to take for many New York residents. As such, they will likely want to explore their options to ensure that they understand how their divorce proceedings may be handled. Litigation is likely what comes to mind when individuals think of divorce, but there may be another option to consider that could be more beneficial than originally thought.

Mediation is often a viable option for many couples looking to divorce. However, some individuals may not consider this avenue due to adverse feelings about negotiating with their soon-to-be ex. Mediation does opt for a more hands-on approach in which parties negotiate their terms with each other along with a third-party mediator, often an attorney. Because some parties may not believe that their ex is capable of negotiation, they disregard this option.

However, mediators can often help parties stay focused and come to terms. Mediators are required to remain impartial though, so individuals looking to be a winner during the proceedings or to be constantly agreed with may find mediation unappealing. There are benefits to mediation, such as often being less costly than litigation, that could help some parties looking to divorce in a less emotionally and financially painful manner. 

Though mediation may not be for everyone, it could prove useful in many divorce cases. Individuals who wish to maintain more control over their proceedings may find this option particularly beneficial. Information on this route could help interested New York residents determine whether mediation could be the right avenue for them to follow.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Five Reasons Why Divorce Mediation Isn't More Popular", Betsy Ross, Oct. 20, 2015

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