When New York couples divorce, it is not uncommon for one party to be required to pay alimony to the other individual. The amount of spousal support depends on the details of the relationship and case, which means it can vary from couple to couple. Furthermore, issues with alimony may arise if the payor does not make the required payments.

It was recently reported that the parents of actress Hayden Panettiere have faced issues regarding spousal support. The couple apparently divorced, and Panettiere’s father was required to make support payments. His ex-wife claims that he has not made a payment since 2012, and as a result, she has been unable to support herself. It was noted that she is currently living in her daughter’s condo. 

Reports also stated that Panettiere gifted her father $100,000. It is unclear whether that money could come into play as far as spousal support issues are concerned. It was also not noted whether his ex-wife will take legal action in order to gain the spousal support that she is presumably entitled. Details on the spousal support agreement were not given in the report. 

Though celebrity divorce cases can differ from non-celebrity cases, lessons can still be learned from high-profile incidents. If New York residents have not been receiving spousal support to which they are legally entitled, they may wish to understand their options. Information on spousal support modifications, back payments and other related topics could help interested parties determine what steps may benefit their state of affairs.

Source: In Touch Weekly, “Hayden Panettiere Is Financially Supporting Both Her Parents In Their On-Going Divorce (REPORT)“, Gabrielle Bernardini, Sept. 11, 2015