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Website hack could affect New York divorce

When individuals decide to divorce, they may have various reasons for choosing to end their marriages. In many cases, infidelity can be a contributing factor in a divorce, and some individuals may want to move forward with the process as quickly as possible. If an individual does wish to proceed with separation proceedings, he or she may want to find out information on what to expect for the various legal aspects in New York.

Due to a recent website hack, it is possible that many individuals will be considering divorce. Ashley Madison is a website which reportedly allows married individuals to create accounts that help them cheat on their spouses. Recently, the information on that site was hacked, which resulted in many members' identities being released.

This situation could cause considerable turmoil for many marriages. Though the information regarding the site's clients is not easily accessible, it is online for those who may have the abilities to find it. If and/or when this information becomes more mainstream, some individuals may find that their spouses had accounts, and they may begin to question the sanctity of their marriages.

Finding out such information can be difficult for anyone. Infidelity can leave individuals distraught and uncertain about their futures. If individuals believe that their spouses are having affairs, they may wish to consider looking into information on divorce options in New York in order to determine whether it is a step they wish to take due to the circumstances of their personal situations.

Source:, "Ashley Madison info reveal could affect family court proceedings, say attorneys", Jessica Hayes, Aug. 19, 2015

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