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Divorce statements could prove beneficial in New York

There are many ways that New York residents may wish to make a statement about something. They may wear certain clothes, sport a certain haircut or utilize a multitude of other actions in order to get their point across and/or convey information. Making a statement does not always mean that an individual is making a bold choice, and in some cases, making a statement could come in handy when going through divorce.

Many celebrity couples are often quoted as having made statements regarding one topic or another, and divorce is definitely one of those topics. Celebrity couples may take the opportunity to set records straight and inform the public that they are indeed separating and moving forward with their lives. Though some parties may understand why celebrities take this step, they may not realize that it could be beneficial for the average person as well.

Making a statement can allow for a blanket of information to be presented to numerous people at once. True, the average individual does not have thousands of people to inform, but they likely do have friends and family. By letting parties know about the situation, individuals going through divorce can decide how they want other parties to be informed and what information they want to give out.

Though some individuals may feel that making a statement is over-the-top or otherwise unnecessary, it could potentially set a precedent for how the divorce itself will move forward. If parties are able to issue an amicable joint statement, they may find that they are able to work together amicably in other areas of the divorce as well. Additionally, New York residents who make a statement may feel more in control of their situation and feel more confident moving forward with their separation process.

Source: The Huffington Post, "What Do Celebrity Divorces Have That We Don't... But Should?", Karen Covy, Aug. 12, 2015

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