In many cases of divorce, the situation came about due to a marriage no longer feeling like the right situation. In such cases, New York residents may be able to amicably come to divorce terms and continue having a cordial relationship. This type of relationship may prove beneficial if children are involved as parents may find co-parenting the best option for their custody situation.

Co-parenting is reported to have many benefits for the children involved in the situation, and as school starts, having both parents in the loop may make children feel more comfortable. Co-parents may choose to take steps to ensure that both parents are involved in school life by dropping children off together on the first day or calling or sending pictures if one parent cannot attend. Parents may also wish to share a calendar in order to keep up with events pertaining to their children’s school activities.

Because school and home life can often overlap due to assignments, meetings and other aspects, parents may wish to ensure that they both remain knowledgeable on the goings on at school. Parent-teacher conferences may be attended by both parents so each has the opportunity to ask questions that may be of concern as well as learn how their children are doing. This may also provide parents the opportunity to inform teachers about any issues that may be of concern regarding a recent divorce or home life situation.

If New York parents have recently divorced or are going through custody proceedings, they may wish to consider co-parenting options. However, because each situation depends on the individuals involved, making decisions that reflect the best interests of the children is important. Therefore, parents may wish to explore additional co-parenting benefits as well as other custody options that may suit their situations.

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