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August 2015 Archives

Co-parenting may be custody option for New York parents

In many cases of divorce, the situation came about due to a marriage no longer feeling like the right situation. In such cases, New York residents may be able to amicably come to divorce terms and continue having a cordial relationship. This type of relationship may prove beneficial if children are involved as parents may find co-parenting the best option for their custody situation.

Website hack could affect New York divorce

When individuals decide to divorce, they may have various reasons for choosing to end their marriages. In many cases, infidelity can be a contributing factor in a divorce, and some individuals may want to move forward with the process as quickly as possible. If an individual does wish to proceed with separation proceedings, he or she may want to find out information on what to expect for the various legal aspects in New York.

Divorce statements could prove beneficial in New York

There are many ways that New York residents may wish to make a statement about something. They may wear certain clothes, sport a certain haircut or utilize a multitude of other actions in order to get their point across and/or convey information. Making a statement does not always mean that an individual is making a bold choice, and in some cases, making a statement could come in handy when going through divorce.

Assessing a situation could help New York divorce

Going through divorce is different for every New York individual who enters into the process. Residents may hope that their situation moves forward as easily as possible, but in some cases, the proceedings can be difficult. If parties wish to more fully prepare for their divorce, they may want to assess the attitudes and natures of their spouses in order to potentially predict how that individual may handle the process.

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