It is no secret that divorce is a big step for New York residents. It is among one of the biggest decisions that many individuals will make throughout their lifetimes. Though a marriage may be unhappy or unhealthy, there may still be those niggling thoughts in the back of an individual’s mind concerning whether divorce is truly the right step. Though each case is unique, second thoughts are common.

Individuals often get married with the idea that they will be with the same person for the rest of their lives. Therefore, when the relationship begins to go downhill, they may see themselves as a failure. This idea could lead them to want to work harder toward keeping the relationship together, and question whether they should move forward with their divorce. 

Though it may be difficult, divorce should not be seen as a failure. It is natural to hold onto hope that the marriage could get better and that the relationship can be saved if certain changes are made. Unfortunately, not all situations can be easily remedied, and considering divorce as a step forward rather than a failure could potentially help parties feel more secure in their decisions.

There are few situations in which divorce is emotionally easy on all accounts. Though individuals may understand that separation is the best route due to their circumstances, it can be a difficult thought to accept all at once. However, information on the New York divorce process, life after divorce and other similar aspects may help parties lose some of the trepidation they could have toward these proceedings.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Second Thoughts: Completely Expected In Divorce“, Jackie Pilossoph, July 7, 2015