As New York residents come to terms with the fact that their marriage is ending, they will likely be looking into divorce proceedings. Because each divorce situation is different, parties may want to explore their options and determine what course of action may be best for their circumstances. By assessing the situation with a clear outlook, individuals may be able to avoid certain mistakes.

First, individuals will likely want to choose the process that is most suited for their case. If parties are able to discuss the situation in an amicable manner, they may find that mediation may work best. In this type of situation, individuals can discuss their circumstances with their legal counsel and come to terms without the full court process. However, if tensions make the situation difficult, there are other options to consider.

Next, understanding the financial situation may be helpful. Gathering documents pertaining to income, shared accounts, debt and other similar information can help parties ensure that all information is being disclosed. By knowing what assets there are to divide and how finances may affect spousal and/or child support, parties may be better able to negotiate the terms they wish to achieve. 

Divorce can be overwhelming for New York residents, and going into the situation blind can cause even more stress. Therefore, taking the time to understand the process and how the specific circumstances could affect the case may help parties feel more comfortable. Examining the situation and having discussions with their chosen legal counsel could also help individuals more forward more confidently.

Source: The Huffington Post, “10 Legal Mistakes People Make During Divorce (And How Not To Make Them!)“, Karen Covy, July 20, 2015