Many New York residents may find the idea of the divorce process daunting. However, if parties are able to proceed in an amicable manner, they may not need to face a drawn out court process. Some individuals may be able to utilize divorce mediation in order to come to terms regarding aspects of divorce, such as alimony and child custody.

It was recently reported that country singer Trace Adkins came to a divorce settlement with his wife. The details of the settlement were not disclosed in the report, but it was mentioned that the terms were still awaiting court approval. It was noted that the parties were able to come to the agreed upon terms through mediation rather than alternative court proceedings.

Initially, Adkins’ wife had expressed that she wanted $20 million in the divorce in order to cover alimony, child support and other expenses. She also wanted full custody of the pair’s three daughters. It is unclear what custody and support terms the two may have agreed upon during mediation, but reports stated that the terms were made in the best interests of the family. 

If individuals believe that they may be able to come to terms outside of the courtroom, divorce mediation may be an option to consider. This process would allow individuals to work with their legal counsel in order to compromise on the agreement terms in an attempt to move through the process quickly. Information on mediation in New York may help residents determine whether this process could be right for their situations.

Source:, “Trace Adkins’ Divorce Settled During Mediation“, June 17, 2015