Divorce situations can be difficult for all parties involved, especially children. Therefore, New York parents likely want to ensure that they are making the best possible child custody decisions as they move through the divorce process. These new situations can have a considerable effect on family relationships, and individuals may want to make the most of the terms of their agreements.

If individuals decide on shared custody, parents will likely see their children less often as children will spend time with each parent separately. In many cases, this situation may cause parents to appreciate the time that they do have with their children as their children may no longer be a constant presence in their lives. Shared custody could potentially result with children having strong bonds with each parent, though in separate capacities. 

As single parents, individuals may begin to feel more comfortable with their parenting styles. They may worry less about what the other parent would say about their reward and/or punishment system because the other parent is no longer always there to possibly criticize. However, if individuals co-parent or have shared custody, they may wish to ensure that a punishment that was put into effect in one house carries over to the other parent’s house as well.

Child custody situations are different for every family. Shared custody may be an option for parents who want to have more equal time to spend with their children on an individual basis. However, New York parents may want to assess their circumstances in order to determine what custody decisions may be best for their children and find out how to put those decisions into action.

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