For many New York residents, the divorce process may seem like a daunting endeavor that includes emotional and financial hardships. Nevertheless, divorce proceedings are unique to the parties going through the situation. Understandably, individuals who are able to work through their agreements in a cooperative effort may not face the same difficulties that individuals who have a hard time coming to terms may face.

If individuals feel that they can move through the process agreeably, an amicable separation is certainly possible. Parties may be able to utilize mediation in order to come to terms with the assistance of an impartial third party — typically alongside an attorney for each individual. If the parties are able to negotiate and come to terms on child custody, property division and other aspects, they may be able to avoid a drawn out court process.

Though some individuals may view a divorce  based upon mutual cooperationas the “grown up” way to handle a separation, no two divorce cases are the same, and everyone’s emotions affect them differently. Therefore, mediation may not be for everyone. Because it may not be possible to know how each party will respond to a situation, parties may wish to prepare for various scenarios as best as they can. 

Though divorce may be the end of a particular part of someone’s life, many New York residents view it as an opportunity to start fresh. Typically, they want the process to be handled in the best possible way for their circumstances. Information on mediation and other divorce process options may help concerned parties choose that path that is right for them.

Source: The Huffington Post, “12 Things You Don’t Understand About Divorce (Until You Get One)“, Brittany Wong, June 22, 2015