Because of technological advances, many individuals conduct a substantial amount of their affairs digitally. Whether it is making a payment, depositing funds into an account, checking schedules or handling innumerable other aspects of life, individuals often have a digital way to take care of those actions. Soon, they may also be able to keep better track of child support issues. 

New York parents may be interested in a new app that could potentially help keep track of expenses relating to child support. According to reports, the app can request money from a non-custodial parent, keep track of receipts and share that information between both parties. By having all of these records in order, parents may be better able to ensure that money is being put toward child-related expenses. 

These records can also be beneficial from a legal standpoint. Because child support can often be a point of disagreement, many parents may have to go through a court process in order to gain more money or otherwise adjust support payments. The app would reportedly help keep track of the expenses and serve as proof of how money was spent should a dispute arise. 

Many parents who have divorced likely have to deal with custody and support issues. Child support can be a particular point of contention between New York parents, especially when it comes to expenses that are not specifically detailed in support agreements. If a dispute does arise, concerned parents may want to ensure that they have the ability to prove their financial state of affairs, and information on legal proceedings relating to child support issues may be helpful.

Source: Forbes, “Will this App Obliterate Child Support Conflict?“, Emma Johnson, June 11, 2015