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May 2015 Archives

Child custody modification -- Jon Gosselin seeks new court order

When New York parents get divorced, the well-being of the children is typically a considerable concern for everyone involved. Child custody decisions are often made based on what living conditions would be best for the children. However, even after such decisions have been made, children may express discomfort over the arrangements. If there is a valid concern, a parent may wish to consider seeking a custody modification. 

Finances can play role in New York residents' divorce decisions

The decision to go through with a divorce can be one that does not come easily to many individuals. A New York divorce can lead to a considerable upheaval and cause concerns about various aspects of life, including finances. Luckily, there is information available that may help individuals who are concerned about their future finances and whether to go through with the dissolution of a marriage.

Social media use potential cause of New York divorce

It is almost impossible to function in today's society without utilizing some form of social media. Businesses in New York and across the country use it to advertise, friends make important announcements and some schools even turn to social media to send out important information to parents and students. While it is a useful tool for many, recent surveys seem to indicate that social media use may be placing a strain on some marriages, ultimately leading to divorce.

Joint custody and constant moves may be okay for kids after all

New York parents who are have child custody disputes may be swayed by the results of a recent study in Sweden. The study, which was published on April 27, put to the test the notion that kids are stressed by having to move back and forth between their divorced parents' homes. The study found that kids in joint custody situations that require moving back and forth have less stress issues than kids who live full time with a single parent after a divorce.

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