You may be like many New York parents who are struggling with issues with your child support order. Your child may be suffering as a result of an ex-spouse who is refusing to pay support or who is having difficulty making the payments.

Although it is mandatory for your child’s other parent to comply with the child support order issued in your divorce, your ex-spouse may have neglected to pay for several months. You may feel as though you are wasting time seeking the amounts that you are owed, particularly since that time would be better spent caring for your child. Your finances may be in jeopardy because of the delinquency.

You may be a parent on the other side of a child support dispute. Many people have trouble keeping up with their child support payments even though judges typically try to ensure that payments are fair to both parents. The difficulty making payments may increase in the face of extenuating circumstances such as a chronic illness, loss of a job or a reduction in your household’s income. You may be subject to wage garnishment, jail sentences and other penalties if you are in arrears in child support.

The attorneys at our firm have more than four decades of combined experience in legal issues regarding back child support. We have represented clients with a variety of concerns, including parents who are seeking child support enforcement as well as those who are requesting modifications of their existing orders. Our attorneys are committed to helping you find a way to continue meeting your child’s needs despite your child support dispute. Our page on past-due child support has more information on the services we provide to parents.