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April 2015 Archives

Incarceration as punishment for missed child support

When a family in New York separates, the court might issue a child support order that requires one parent to pay the other a certain amount of money every month. In some cases, the amount ordered by the court may become more than the noncustodial parent can afford. Over time, the debt due to missed payment mounts, and the family court system might impose penalties.

New York judge approves divorce notification on Facebook

A New York judge has ruled that a woman who was unable to locate her husband using traditional methods could serve him with divorce papers through a private message on Facebook. The decision was reached after emailing, telephoning and even hiring a private detective all proved to be unsuccessful.

Changing beneficiary designations because of divorce

New York residents who have recently gotten divorced may want to update the beneficiary designations on all of their important financial accounts. Although some people believe that updating a will after a divorce is sufficient, doing this alone will not change the beneficiary designations on retirement plans, life insurance policies and bank accounts.

Helping New York parents seek child support enforcement

You may be like many New York parents who are struggling with issues with your child support order. Your child may be suffering as a result of an ex-spouse who is refusing to pay support or who is having difficulty making the payments.

Understanding the effect of divorce on Social Security benefits

New York residents who are seeking a divorce but rely on retirement benefits may be interested in how the end of the marriage affects Social Security. Depending on several factors, including remarriage, the effect can be quite large.

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