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Census data suggests moms less likely to pay child support

New York parents may be interested to learn that according to statistics from the Census Bureau for 2011, noncustodial mothers are statistically less likely to pay child support than noncustodial fathers are. While race and marital status are also factors, national the trend goes against assumptions regarding which gender is less likely to pay child support.

However, one key factor in noncustodial mothers paying child support is income. A male-run household tends to average nearly double the annual income of a female-run household at $52,000 annually. In addition, men who are owed child support may be less likely to pursue child support payments through state agencies or programs, and men who are owed child support but do not receive any tend to have an average household income that is almost $52,000. In contrast, a female-run household averages just over $26,000. Noncustodial mothers are also more likely to have other children living with them.

Another factor is that mothers are awarded primary custody more often than men. When a man is awarded custody it is generally because the mother's personal or financial circumstances preclude the best interests of the child being served by living under the mother's custody.

An attorney considering a past-due child support case may issue a private demand for back payment or information regarding why the child support has not been paid. Alternately, the attorney could petition the state on the client's behalf to initiate collection proceedings against the noncustodial parent. In some cases, the attorney might refer the noncustodial parent to the courts and advocate on the client's behalf during proceedings.

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