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November 2014 Archives

How are child support payments determined in New York?

When parents in New York go through a divorce, child support is one of the important factors that they will have to consider. In general, the courts will determine the amount of child support to be paid on a regular basis. The court refers to set guidelines that consider an individual's annual earnings. After determining the person's adjusted gross income, they use a sliding scale based on the number of children. The rate moves from 17 percent for one child to at 35 percent for five or more children.

Grandparent visitation rights in New York

There are a variety of circumstances that may prompt a grandparent to petition the court for visitation rights, or even custody, of a minor grandchild. New York law recognizes the rights of grandparents to file such petitions so long as certain circumstances are met. Grandparents often petition for visitation for a grandchild that has been placed in foster care, but the grandparent may sometimes file even if the child is under parental care.

Child support issues in New York

Parents on either side of a child support case can face unexpected challenges and questions about their situations. It is important to have reliable insight into the matter, and legal counsel is often helpful in determining how to proceed in response to the circumstances. It is important to understand that New York law emphasizes the responsibility of a parent to financially support a child until the age of 21 regardless of living arrangements or custody.

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