New York residents who follow the art and political scenes probably know that American lobbyists Tony and Heather Podesta separated and fought about how their property and art collection would be divided. On June 8, the couple announced that they reached a divorce settlement and plan to remain friends. Tony and Heather married in 2003 and have become famous in the social and art worlds. This was his second marriage and her third, and the couple had no children. They had homes in Virginia, Australia, Italy and in Washington, D.C., where the couple would have parties. The pair also went to many galas and fundraisers in designer attire.

In April, the couple began a battle about the division of assets in their divorce, which Tony initiated. While he took credit for her professional success and accused her of misleading him into thinking they could reconcile, she demanded that she get their Kalorama house. The couple also fought over their museum-quality collection of art.

However, now the pair says that their marriage is ending on friendly terms, but they did not reveal any details about the settlement. Their representatives say they will continue making donations from the art collection. In separate statements from Tony and Heather, they had nothing but nice things to say about each other.

The division of assets may be one of the most complex and touchy parts of going through a divorce for some couples. New York courts follow the principles of equitable distribution in making property division determinations. Accordingly, if a couple is unable to come to an agreement, the court will divide marital property between the parties in a matter which it deems “fair”.

Source: The Washington Post, “Heather and Tony Podesta reach divorce settlement“, Emily Heil, June 09, 2014