Halle Berry is known in New York and beyond for award-winning performances in a variety of movies. Lately, however, she’s been making court appearances in order to resolve a long-standing custody dispute with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, a model and father of Berry’s now-six-year-old daughter. Aubry and Berry had a custody dispute in 2012 over the girl, and Aubry became the primary custodial parent.

Now, Berry and Aubry have gone to court again, this time to finalize a child support plan. Berry was court-ordered to pat $16,000 per month, or about $200,000 per year, to Aubry in order to support her daughter.

In addition, she was ordered to pay $115,000 to Aubry in retroactive child support, and an additional $300,000 to Aubry’s attorneys to cover his court costs. The parents will split their daughter’s health care costs, and Berry will pay her tuition. In addition to supporting her daughter, Berry must also financially support her eight-month-old son, whom she had with her current husband, Olivier Martinez.

For those who have to deal with child support decisions in addition to a recent divorce, the process can be emotionally draining and financially difficult. Because a judge’s child support decision is one that will have lasting ramifications, it may be wise to retain a lawyer who has family law and child custody experience. The lawyer may be able to make a convincing argument for sole or joint custody, and if child support is needed, may be able to advocate for adequate monetary support from the non-custodial parent. In extreme cases, wage garnishment or other measures may be taken to ensure children are adequately supported.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Halle Berry reaches settlement on child support”, June 09, 2014