When parents separate, the primary issue on their minds is often the custody of their children, wondering who will they live with and how often will they see their other parent. Suddenly, these parents have to share their child’s time and this can be difficult to come to terms with. In New York law, the aim is to ensure that any custody or visitation agreements/arrangements are in the best interests of the child.

In a recent matter that has caught the nation’s attention, television personality and comedian Sherri Shepherd is caught in a custody dispute with her husband. Her husband has filed for legal separation, as he has not yet resided long enough in California to file for divorce there. It has been reported that once enough time has passed for him to be eligible to file for divorce, he intends to do so. He has further requested the invalidation of their prenuptial agreement, on grounds of fraud.

The matter that has caused probably the most social media discussion, however, is his application for full custody of the couple’s unborn child. The baby, being carried by a surrogate, has a due date in July. Shepherd’s husband has already picked a name for the child, which is expected to be a boy. According to the papers filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court regarding the split, the husband has requested that Shepherd be given only visitation rights.

This may be happening in another state, but New York parents can appreciate the types of emotions this couple may be going through. The prospect of losing access to one’s child is an upsetting one at best. If you find yourself in a dispute over the custody of your children, you may want support. An attorney can help you present yourself in a good light to the court. This can have a positive impact on the chances of reaching a favorable outcome that benefits both you and your child.

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