A child still deserves the same amount of support regardless if her or his parents divorce, or even if they have not been together at all during the child’s lifetime. Parents in New York should know that the child support system is in place to help ensure the child’s needs are met even if one parent is not in the picture. It also takes into account the parents’ finances in order to determine the amount they can afford to contribute.

Earlier this year, musician Stevie J was issued a subpoena by Project Child Support to a court in New York in regards to $1.28 million that he reportedly owes to the mother of his child. The following month, further subpoenas were issued to a number of other entertainment entities connected to the musician.

Project Child Support’s aim in issuing these subpoenas is to identify all of Stevie J’s financial sources. This would mean that a petition could be filed with the court to request that the musician’s assets be seized in lieu of child support still owed.

As can be seen from this case, the debts can mount up if child support isn’t paid. It also means your child isn’t receiving the entitlement they deserve. However, there are a number of factors governing the level of support you are required to pay. If you feel your payments are too high, you can file for support modifications.

Your child’s well-being is important, so it is better to reevaluate payments than to ignore them altogether. Also remember that if you are not receiving payments from your child’s other parent, it is essential to pursue the matter. It can seem daunting to pursue alone, but an attorney with good knowledge of New York’s child support legislation can help you understand your entitlements. By seeking a fair evaluation, you can strive for the best outcome for yourself and your child.

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