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April 2014 Archives

Singer happy to be a father, but wants a paternity test first

For a mother, there is no question of whether a newborn child is hers or not. However, the matter is not always so straightforward for fathers. If a baby is conceived between relationships, or if a father has doubts that the child is his, DNA testing may be requested. This can be fairly important, as in New York, the issue of paternity can greatly affect a parent's rights and obligations.

Olympic skier in New York child custody battle

Families are often affectionately described as dysfunctional, even in the best of times. When disputes arise it can be difficult for all concerned, as family ties often mean that couples may still come into contact from time to time after they separate or divorce. When a couple is no longer a “couple,” and children are involved, it is likely that the parents still want the best for the children. The tough part comes in determining how much involvement each parent should have in a child’s life when full custody is no longer an option for both parents.

Multiple subpoenas issued in high-profile child support case

A child still deserves the same amount of support regardless if her or his parents divorce, or even if they have not been together at all during the child's lifetime. Parents in New York should know that the child support system is in place to help ensure the child's needs are met even if one parent is not in the picture. It also takes into account the parents' finances in order to determine the amount they can afford to contribute.

More New York couples seek 'no-fault' divorce option

Determining the reason behind a couple’s decision to split used to be an important factor in the divorce process. There could have been any number of reasons, but often one spouse or the other was considered at fault. Today, however, that is no longer the case. Changes to the legislation in New York in 2010 introduced a new option for divorcing couples: no-fault divorce. In fact, no-fault divorce is an option in all 50 states. In Western New York, divorce rates have seen a rise in recent years in what has been termed the no-fault era.

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