Divorce disputes can sometimes be drawn out and difficult for those concerned, especially when children are involved. When these disagreements reach the courts, the primary aim of a judge is to find a solution with the best interests of the children in mind. One custody battle in New York has resulted in a mother being removed as her children’s primary caregiver.

The Manhattan judge’s decision was based on evidence that the mother was engaged in prescription drug abuse, which put her children at risk. The mother’s medical records showed a history of antidepressant use dating back to 2006. Other accusations included a report of the woman passing out on an airplane, leaving her children unattended during the flight, her 2-year-old child wandering the aisle half-dressed.

The judge’s ruling has granted custody to the children’s multimillionaire father and permits him to move them to live with him in Texas. However, he is required to cover the cost of his ex-wife’s travel when she visits the children.

The New York-based mother intends to appeal the custody decision. In the meantime, the judge has stated that the ruling may be reconsidered if over the course of a year, the mother is able to submit clean drug tests each month.

Disputes such as this one involving high-profile parents are rarely easy to settle, and it is important to seek advice and receive the support you require. The well-being of your children is essential so it is important to present your case carefully to ensure the fairest possible resolution can be reached.

Source: New York Daily News, “EXCLUSIVE: Mom whose post-divorce abortion was used against her in custody battle loses kids over pill popping,” Dareh Gregorian, March 21, 2014