Many couples in New York have hit a point in either their current relationship or a past one where they have considered divorce. When you have hit that point, though, who do you turn to to know if you should act on those feelings?

Today, some people are turning to divorce apps. One app asks the user a series of questions to help him or her think about some important aspects of divorce, like who else would be affected by the split, or whether the user has the support he or she needs to go through with it. But how do you know whether an app is credible? And are apps really that useful or reliable?

One way to determine the credibility of an app is to look up who its author is. If it is someone with authority in the industry, you may feel a little more comfortable taking it seriously. Then, however, that brings us to the question of whether divorce apps are useful tools.

The answer to that obviously varies by user, but it is safe to say that divorce apps are not the only resource you should be using. While they may help you think about certain aspects of your divorce, they may do little to help you strategize and protect your interests during a split.

During divorce, you really need an attorney by your side who you can talk to about what you want out of your divorce. Being familiar with the laws pertaining to your specific case as well as what your rights are is necessary if you wish to ensure a fair outcome.

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