Following a frosty span of two years, the Ashton-Demi union has finally reached a settlement, after numerous stalled attempts to iron things out over Moore’s demands for spousal support. According to sources, the actors were finally able to reach an amenable agreement on how to split their extensive property and assets after a year of disputes. The couple is reportedly satisfied with the final arrangements of this division of property.

When Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore got married in 2005, the older woman/younger man scenario became a household expression. The 15-year age difference contributed to the buzz, not just in Hollywood, but all over the world.

Although the couple married in 2005 and split in 2011, they have only just recently been able to finalize their divorce. The popular actress and ex-wife of Bruce Willis reportedly just received a belated alimony payment from her first husband. It is believed her net worth is $10 million more than her second husband, the new star of Two and a Half Men. However, according to the final settlement, she will not be receiving spousal support. California, like New York, is a no-fault divorce state. Initially, Ms. Moore wanted spousal support on the basis of infidelity, but the no-fault clause disallows this.

When Kutcher stepped into the “Two and a Half Men” show, following the departure of Charlie Sheen, he became the highest paid actor on that time-slot on television. Moore is believed to be worth about $150 million but was hoping for a pay-out that would cover her legal fees, as well as decorate a new home.

According to legal advisors, Kutcher gave a little more than he got in terms of property splitting and sharing items acquired during their six-year marriage. The couple had been involved in businesses together and continued to work on projects even after their separation. The actress had been holding out for a piece of the revenue on these joint endeavors, allegedly a major cause of the break-down in reaching an amicable settlement. Although separated for two years, they have occasionally been seen in public but never offered comments regarding their divorce. Their reps have so far declined to comment, so the news they had reached a settlement was a major break-through.

Regardless of how much we bring home to the bank at the end of the day, our hearts cannot be measured by monetary means. It saddens us when another union bites the dust. In the Demi-Ashton case, the size of the wallet does not diminish the sadness in losing a partner in a long and tedious divorce negotiation.

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