The mother of Robinson Cano’s son has filed papers accusing the Yankee superstar of reneging on his child support payments. She claims that support payments for the couple’s three-year-old son have been irregular and inconsistent. The iconic second-baseman has recently become a free agent and is expected to seek $300 million over the next ten years. The mother of the child claims his little boy has not experienced the quality of life worthy of a baseball legend who reportedly raked in almost $60 million over the course of his career with the Bombers.

According to reports, the couple have been battling out a legal agreement for months. When legal representation for Cano approached her with a 10-year proposal to pay $500 monthly, it came with a confidentiality pact. The mother was informed that if she violated the demands, she could be liable for thousands of dollars in fines. She refused to sign the documents. Spokespersons for the iconic athlete have issued statements saying the Yankee legend has more than provided for his child’s needs, citing financial arrangements, housing, automobiles, insurance and other amenities.

The boy’s mother feels the child’s father has experienced living circumstances that are not reflected in their son’s lifestyle. A friend of the mother states that although the baseball player is known for his charitable works among children, he is controlling in his own financial arrangements. She calls this an abysmal gap in what he does for the rest of the world compared to actions with his own child.

Neither the player or the team would comment on the matter. In a statement made through his publicist, Cano claims he has more than exceeded the expectations of paternal responsibility. He is ecstatic to be a father and indicated caring for his son is a critical priority in his life. Although adamantly refusing to discuss private matters in public, he added he was proud of his little boy, who was already showing signs of athletic prowess.

Bringing a child into the world is a huge responsibility. Professional athletes are considered major role models in society and often held to a higher standard commensurate with their multi-million dollar salaries. They should demonstrate consistent and appropriate parental obligations through reliable child support payments for their sons and daughters.

Source:, “Mother of Robinson Cano’s son accuses Yankees’ star of grossly underpaying child support” Christian Red, Oct. 03, 2013