For some individuals, DNA tests revealing one’s paternity may be a matter of extreme urgency. Others simply prefer not to know. Such is the case with former state department aide and son of actress Mia Farrow, Ronan. While chatting up reporters at a recent celebrity event in New York City, Ms. Farrow was asked again about rumors surrounding the identity of her son’s biological father. When asked the same question, her son has joked that he wasn’t really present at the time and has expressed little interest in undergoing a DNA test.

According to his mother, it is quite possible that Ronan Farrow is the son of Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, and not Woody Allen, who was also married to the actress. The question surrounding the identity of the boy’s father has been asked repeatedly by reporters. Mia has always claimed Sinatra was the great love of her life, and they never officially broke up.

In this celebrity paternity scenario, one would hardly take a glance at the blonde, blue-eyed Ronan to raise a single eyebrow of speculation. In addressing the issue, Ronan has stated it has been little more than a distraction that has popped up intermittently throughout the years. It Is now provoking more reaction in the press due to an MSNBC television show he will be hosting early next year. Ronan takes his paternity questions in stride, but then again, potentially being the son of Frank Sinatra wouldn’t exactly be a skeleton in the closet.

He has gone on to add that he has had a substantive relationship with all parties involved in the rumors and maintained that family issues remain private. Having been raised with a brood consisting of ten adopted children, he is more animated discussing his upcoming show and dismisses the paternity rumors as fodder for Hollywood gossip. Genetics just don’t impress him and never have.

All families have histories, secrets and stories to tell. When establishing our lineage, many of us require assistance to determine where we came from as it can deeply affect where we are going and what we encounter on the way. For celebrities, it may not matter. For the rest of us, it may. It could be in our best interest to discover what DNA testing can establish. DNA testing has been used extensively in family law courts to determine paternity. Establishing paternity can open the door for a father’s visitation or custody rights, as well as for child support.

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