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Jenner-Kardashian divorce could spell Olympian mess

Bruce and Kris Jenner recently announced they would be ending their 22-year marriage. The power couple issued a statement saying they are more content living apart, but continue to love each other and will always be friends.

The couple's reported combined wealth is a whopping $125 million, but they never signed a prenuptial agreement. When they married in 1991, Bruce was still riding high and famous from his 1976 Olympic Decathlon gold medal win. Wisely investing those millions into product endorsements and other commercial deals, his lifestyle was on par with other rich and famous athletes.

Enter Kris Kardashian who had divorced George Kardashian, and with her famous female offspring, launched a multimillion dollar empire of Hollywood epic proportions. Legal spokespersons have speculated that Jenner's career and fame has inched out of the limelight to make room for "mega-Mom" Kris, who encouraged her daughters to join the ranks of the powerful and beautiful by touting fashion, and even their own reality show. Bruce's former motivational speaking engagements and other business deals dissolved into the role of a dad who stayed at home to raise the couple's two younger daughters.

This is where the absence of a prenuptial agreement could get messy. If Bruce contends that he gave up his interests and work due to an arrangement he had with Kris to raise the children, he would have a more than appropriate claim to receive spousal support. On the other hand, in the couple's sprawling Hollywood Hills home, he has grown accustomed to a certain lavish, albeit, public, lifestyle.

The couple each has eight children from previous marriages, and two of their own. Bruce's attempt to reconcile with his 30-year-old son, also on a reality show, has resulted in some testy televised friction. With so many voices in his ear, who knows how Bruce will deal his cards? One legal expert claims Kris has dominated him for many years and now Jenner just wants peace and quiet, away from the television cameras and the hustle and bustle that comes with fame.

When people fall in love, they rarely think about what will happen to their property and other assets, should they split up. For anyone who works hard, acquires property, and then marries, it would be wise to think ahead and consider what might happen in a future divorce settlement. An ironclad prenuptial agreement designed by a person who knows how to create one can avoid more stress and trauma later on.

Source:, "Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner split: No prenup with $125 million fortune at stake could result in messy divorce for the couple" Nancy Dillon, Oct. 09, 2013

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