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October 2013 Archives

Man of God targeted in major divorce sting

Do desperate times call for desperate measures? Does religion dictate the rules for what some say is outdated and unjust? Should the answers to these and other existential rhetorical queries best be left to university scholars and philosophers? What does the rest of the population think?

Who's your daddy? Celebrity's son doesn't know and doesn't care

For some individuals, DNA tests revealing one's paternity may be a matter of extreme urgency. Others simply prefer not to know. Such is the case with former state department aide and son of actress Mia Farrow, Ronan. While chatting up reporters at a recent celebrity event in New York City, Ms. Farrow was asked again about rumors surrounding the identity of her son's biological father. When asked the same question, her son has joked that he wasn't really present at the time and has expressed little interest in undergoing a DNA test.

Yankee slugger dead-beat dad?

The mother of Robinson Cano's son has filed papers accusing the Yankee superstar of reneging on his child support payments. She claims that support payments for the couple's three-year-old son have been irregular and inconsistent. The iconic second-baseman has recently become a free agent and is expected to seek $300 million over the next ten years. The mother of the child claims his little boy has not experienced the quality of life worthy of a baseball legend who reportedly raked in almost $60 million over the course of his career with the Bombers.

Senate considers altering spousal maintenance law

The New York State Law Revision Commission joined a group of legal experts to provide testimony to evaluate effectiveness of recent changes in state divorce law. A legal review commission proposed that a 3-year-old spousal maintenance law should be revisited in order to provide more consistency and fairness in divorce settlements. The commission studied a report published in May observing impacts of a specific formula in use to calculate spousal support payments. The formula is similar to one previously used to determine child support. Its implementation is expected to limit subsequent litigation and inconsistencies following divorce agreements.

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