The actor whom generations of movie-goers will remember as Dirty Harry was hit with official separation papers by his wife of seventeen years, Mrs. Clint Eastwood. The couple has a teenaged daughter Morgan. Mrs. Eastwood is seeking spousal support and physical custody. Thus, the sun sets on another Hollywood union.

The Eastwoods reportedly quietly split up during the summer last year filing papers in Monterey, Calif. The director of multiple multimillion dollar box office smashes will share legal custody of the 16-year-old girl with his future ex. According to reports, Dina Eastwood has confirmed that she and the actor/director had been living apart since August, although they have remained close in efforts to raise their daughter.

A month later, a source contends that Dina had been romantically involved with a longtime friend and leading college basketball coach. At the same time, it was reported that Eastwood had begun seeing the ex-wife of the coach. Following their divorce, acquaintances of the couple claim when Clint called the coach to confront him about his wife’s affair, he met the ex-wife and fell for her. Dina Eastwood has been sad and depressed by the marital messiness but is looking forward to starting a new chapter and moving on.

While many Hollywood divorces may contain the drama that is the stuff of movie scripts, the Eastwoods seem to be maintaining a civil relationship. Mrs. Eastwood stated on a social media site that she supports her husband and has respected his brilliance. She has released a statement telling the press he is a wonderful man.

While Clint has not come forth with an official statement, sources report that the Hollywood legend may soon be handing out a fistful of dollars in his divorce settlement.

While falling out of love with a spouse or partner is tragic, the pain of divorce can be lightened by the prospect of financial security and comfortable child custody arrangements.

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