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August 2013 Archives

Cycle of unreasonable alimony a reality for jailed husband

For one former Citadel investment portfolio manager, going to jail for missed child support payments have become a part of life. His situation is a unique one. The ex-portfolio manager who used to make $1 million a year, has been in jail eight times for failure to pay child support as he coped with the end of a seventeen year marriage. His story begins with the loss of his job in a sluggish economy, spending time unemployed and exhausting his savings. Ultimately, he was no longer able to come up with the almost $100,000 a year, court-ordered alimony and child support.

Preserving financial security after divorce

It is widely known that people should not make decisions when they are emotional, or going through a harrowing time like a death or a divorce. Losing a spouse is tragic but is a time when level-headed arrangements must be made. Important questions about Social Security benefits, IRA considerations, and assets of the divorced or deceased spouse must be addressed. Experts agree that it is in your best interest to study and secure your assets when you are suddenly on your own again. This process can be overwhelming so it can be more manageable to break it down into easy steps.

Guilt leads to financial suffering during a New York divorce

Some people feel relief after the end of an unhappy marriage. Most spouses see divorce as stressful but endurable. Can a breakup be pleasant? Civil is probably the most New York spouses can expect. Civility allows former partners to problem-solve and raise children together, but separately, without dragging out issues in court.

"X Factor's" Cowell named in friends' Manhattan divorce

Why would a New York spouse file for an at-fault divorce when no-fault divorce is less stressful? Some advisers suggest angry spouses want a public display of marital wrongdoing. That could be why Andrew Silverman cited adultery in a divorce petition against his wife, Lauren.

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