An English rock star will answer allegations in a Manhattan court that he fathered what a New York newspaper referred to as a “love child.” The paternity filing did not name former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher as the defendant nor did it list the woman’s name who filed the case, although media reports said the litigants’ identities were known.

At issue is the paternity of a little girl born less than a year ago to an alleged celebrity interviewer who claims she had an affair with the married musician. The lawsuit reportedly requests $3 million.

Forty-year-old Gallagher was married in 2008. Sources said the parties in the paternity suit were not identified by name to avoid an extreme response from Gallagher’s wife. With the press coverage, the spouse is almost certain to have heard the news by now.

The child’s mother apparently is giving thought to DNA testing to confirm the genetic link between Gallagher and the girl. A family court judge likely would order the tests to establish paternity. If Gallagher is a father for the fourth time, it is uncertain whether the $3 million or some other amount would be designated as child support.

Court-ordered paternity tests reveal one of two things – a child and father are related or they are not. Unmarried fathers are not legal fathers until biological proof exists to connect the man and child. Without established paternity, an unmarried dad has no parental rights or obligations.

When genetic ties are proven, the child of unmarried parents secures the same rights as children of married parents. Child support and visitation rights are exercised once paternity is proven.

It is not necessary to be famous to feel stressful about how to proceed with a paternity lawsuit. Parties on both sides of a fatherhood issue are encouraged to seek legal advice to prepare for any possible outcome.

Source:, “EXCLUSIVE: Rocker Liam Gallagher in ‘love child’ suit” No author given, Jul. 17, 2013