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May 2013 Archives

New York family laws accommodate changes in society

New laws and law modifications usually occur following societal changes. Laws that seemed perfectly acceptable 50 years ago, even 10 years ago, may not fit well in today's culture. The pace of change is faster in society than it is in the legal system since laws reflect behavior patterns already in place.

Varied laws complicate New York same-sex marriages and divorces

Gay couples were allowed to divorce in New York before they were permitted to marry. Some states continue to ride the fence about same-sex marriage with compromises like civil unions. Several states entirely ban recognition of gay marriage and divorce.

New York prenup case: Whose apartment is it anyway?

Every lawyer knows nuances in agreements can become legal disagreements especially when money is at stake. A New York judge recently sided with a wife at a Manhattan divorce hearing over asset division in a prenuptial agreement. The husband argued the contract should be reinterpreted.

Tangled child support web stretches from Hong Kong to New York

Power and influence are traits that often accompany inherited or acquired wealth, characteristics many New York residents find enviable. However, mighty bank accounts and authority do not insulate individuals from legal obligations like child support or the media spotlight.

Avoid getting blindsided by finances after a New York divorce

Many New York fiancé(e)s want to ban negative thoughts during the joyous, stressful months leading up to a wedding. You can’t blame couples for wanting to enter marriage on a positive note. Legal experts caution that stalling in fairy--tale mode can set up dangerous financial hazards in the event of a divorce.

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