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Publicly-proven paternity forces Michael Lohan to offer support

The father of Lindsay Lohan recently acknowledged that the actress has a half-sister. The news that Michael Lohan fathered a child during an affair while married to Lindsay's mother was made public during an NBC talk show televised in New York.

Reports said Michael Lohan never recognized or paid child support during the now-17-year-old's lifetime. The father apparently still knew that the girl was his prior to the talk show's revelation of DNA test results. A 2009 court order directed Michael Lohan to pay more than $316,000 in past-due child support for the girl.

Following the talk show's broadcast, the mother of the teenage child said that she and Michael Lohan privately worked out a settlement for the delinquent support. Lohan allegedly agreed to fulfill the financial contract immediately.

The child support order will be vacated by Lohan's former mistress in late January. The delay is connected to the impending birth of Lohan's latest child with his fiancé. Reports said Lindsay Lohan and her half-sister have no intention of forming a relationship.

Legal fatherhood can be assumed, claimed or proven. Unmarried parents in New York State may file an Acknowledgment of Paternity at the time a child is born. When the father's identity is uncertain or questioned, a petition to family court can resolve the matter. Court-ordered genetic testing determines whether a biological connection exists.

A legal father has parental rights as well as financial responsibilities. An order to pay child support soon follows the establishment of paternity.

In Michael Lohan's case, the child in question has nearly reached adulthood. The girl and her mother did not receive the benefit of the biological father's support while growing up.

Every child has two parents and both have the legal obligation to contribute to the child's welfare. The girl's mother might have petitioned a court much sooner than she did to hold Lohan to his parental responsibilities.

Source:, "Michael Lohan, Kristi Horn come to 'love child' support agreement," Michael Santo, Jan. 13, 2013

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