Couples — whose marriages last minutes, days or a few months before filing for divorce — are splashed across national headlines. A New York couple turned those trendy statistics upside down recently by announcing they would remarry … 50 years after their 1964 divorce settlement.

The 85-year-old pair is retying the knot in West Seneca this month in the presence of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The couple’s children, some of whom are grandparents themselves, are thrilled to see their mom and dad reunite, even if it took half a century to do it.

The couple’s first go around with marriage happened when they were teenagers. The two decided to part ways after 20 years of marriage and four children. The ex-husband moved to the Midwest, remarried and began a new life.

The post-divorce years were not filled with the strife so many former partners endure. According to the couple’s kids, their parents remained long distance friends with a lot in common – their children. Co-parenting continued in peace for decades and long after the children had grown and began families of their own.

Relatives grew concerned after the husband’s second wife died and invited the father and grandfather to return to New York. The widower agreed, but added another request before making the move. He asked his ex-spouse of 50 years to be his wife, one more time. She agreed.

The news of the couple’s second-time-around nuptials spread. Workers at the marriage license bureau cheered the elderly pair on as they reapplied for permission to be wed.

Couples who divorce sometimes realize that they miss what they had. Remarrying a spouse is not uncommon, although most people don’t wait quite this long to say “I do” twice.

Perhaps the successful remarriage had a lot to do with the respect and courtesy the ex-spouses maintained after their first marriage ended. The couple realized they had a shared duty and goal to raise their children. They set an example for co-parenting, long before the term became popular.

Source:, “Couple to remarry almost 50 years after divorce,” Claudine Zap, July 30, 2012