A parent has certain rights and responsibilities toward their children. A set of obligations accompanies legal and physical custody. Married and unmarried parents with sole or joint custody are required to protect, support and care for their children. Parents must also provide a living environment that is safe.

Police in the Bronx say 3-month-old child fell from a second-story apartment window. The infant struck an air conditioner during the fall and fractured her skull, but survived after landing on a grassy spot.

Authorities from Children’s Services took custody of the injured infant and several of her six brothers and sisters. The children’s 30-year-old mother had been sitting outside an Edenwald Houses building with friends when the girl, too tiny to crawl or walk, tumbled from the window.

Police interviewed neighbors to learn how the accident occurred. Authorities initially thought one of the baby’s older brothers threw her from the window. Officers no longer suspect that’s what happened.

No official reports or witnesses described what was going on in the apartment where the baby had been. No arrests were made although a number of people were interviewed. It is unclear whether any adults were supervising the children or how many children were in the apartment when the accident occurred.

The infant’s medical condition has stabilized. The child’s uncle told reporters that the baby was going to be alright. He did not mention whether doctors had given a prognosis.

Published reports did not mention the involvement of a second parent, indicating that the mother of seven may have been raising seven children alone. Most parents realize that a 3-month-old is too young to be left alone or with someone unqualified, like another child, to take care of her.

Mothers and fathers do not lose parental rights unless a court determines they are unfit for the responsibilities that come with parenthood. The mother has not been charged with negligence; however, the investigation is still incomplete.

Source: dnainfo.com, “Child Services Take Children From Bronx Mom Whose Baby Fell From Window,” Alan Neuhauser, Aug. 8, 2012