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August 2012 Archives

DNA testing on-the-go hits New York streets

The "Who's Your Daddy" recreational vehicle is convenient, even if the mobile lab is not the most traditional way to find out if a parent and child connect biologically. The man who drives the vehicle around New York City for a drug and DNA testing company has seen his share of extreme client reactions.

Bronx mother outside when baby falls from window

A parent has certain rights and responsibilities toward their children. A set of obligations accompanies legal and physical custody. Married and unmarried parents with sole or joint custody are required to protect, support and care for their children. Parents must also provide a living environment that is safe.

Vengeance, competitiveness defeat good co-parenting

Divorce can be an unpleasant process that gets longer and more quarrelsome when child custody issues are not easily resolved. Many divorcing New York parents assume that once custody is established, a settlement is reached and a court decree issues the relationship is over.

Remarrying an ex -- 50 years down the divorce road

Couples -- whose marriages last minutes, days or a few months before filing for divorce -- are splashed across national headlines. A New York couple turned those trendy statistics upside down recently by announcing they would remarry ... 50 years after their 1964 divorce settlement.

Avoiding vacation custody wars with ex-spouses

Summer is a season of teeth-gritting tension for some divorced parents in New York. Creating a stress-free child vacation schedule that satisfies everyone isn't always easy. Sometimes conflicts in parents' vacation schedules, destinations and child custody arrangements lead to arguments with exes and even a trip in front of the judge to settle the dispute.

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