Brooklyn residents probably remember the wild, personal lifestyle and trio of wives of ex-NBA player Dennis Rodman. The one-time superstar athlete, an admitted alcoholic, is in trouble with the courts over past-due child support and spousal support that reportedly totals more than $800,000.

Documents entered in court say Rodman is unable to pay back spousal and child support because he is out of money. The former Chicago Bulls player is also an apparent tax scofflaw, back-owing a reported $350,000 in taxes.

The case against the 50-year-old unemployed ball player was initiated by his third wife, who until recently was trying to patch things up with Rodman, the father of her two children.

Rodman’s finance manager said the athlete’s addiction to alcohol keeps him from securing jobs. The consultant said Rodman’s drinking problem, publicly exposed on the television program “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” worsened after the former player’s wife filed for divorce. The ex-NBA player’s financial advisor says the aging athlete has been in pain since the divorce petition was entered and is “extremely sick.”

Rodman is best known for his skills on the Chicago Bulls basketball court and his flamboyance. Outspoken remarks and unconventional behavior kept the athlete in the public eye for years. Rodman was featured on television’s “Celebrity Apprentice” among other shows and penned a book showing the athlete dressed in a lavish wedding gown.

Rodman’s second wife was model and actress Carmen Electra. His third marriage was on-again, off-again until last month when Rodman’s wife, Michelle, filed for divorce. The retired NBA player reportedly was ordered to pay $50,000 per month in child support for the two children Rodman fathered with his third wife.

Dennis Rodman’s finances are not totally under water, at least in comparison to other athletes at this stage of the retirement game, according to the former athlete’s business manager. The business advisor admitted the ex-ball player’s income spiralled down considerably after he left the professional basketball court in Chicago.

Source:, “Dennis Rodman can’t pay child support because he’s broke, is battling alcohol addiction: report,” Joyce Chen, March 28, 2012