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April 2012 Archives

"Dog Whisperer" wants divorce publicity hushed

Not all divorces among the famous are uncivil affairs. Some well-known personalities enter into divorce proceedings amicably or at least without overt contention. Celebrity wealth inflates the figures at the divorce settlement table. The marriage-ending process for celebrated divorcing couples remains much the same as it does for not-so-rich, not-so-recognized marriage partners.

Divorce dispute over Madoff investment ends in court dismissal

A financial victim of the infamous Ponzi scheme engineered by Bernard Madoff will not be allowed to revise a divorce agreement to recover investment losses. A state appellate court threw out an asset division dispute that would have reaped millions of dollars for an unlucky ex-husband.

Court slam dunks Dennis Rodman for $800k support bill

Brooklyn residents probably remember the wild, personal lifestyle and trio of wives of ex-NBA player Dennis Rodman. The one-time superstar athlete, an admitted alcoholic, is in trouble with the courts over past-due child support and spousal support that reportedly totals more than $800,000.

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