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March 2012 Archives

State alimony formula could change after commission review

The 2010 New York no-fault divorce law includes a disputed formula that calculates temporary alimony. Opponents of the current law do not argue with the need for blameless divorce but criticize the alimony formula as unfair to wealthier spouses forced to pay spousal support.

Federal direct deposit could bankrupt non-custodial parents

A planned change by the U.S. Treasury to stop using paper checks to pay benefits and move to electronic transfers is hailed by as a way for states to access past-due child support. Checks on paper allow delinquent child support payers access to money that might otherwise be seized if placed directly in a bank account.

Husband's choice: Facebook apology or jail

A choice between a two-month jail term and posting a month's worth of regrets on Facebook recently prompted an estranged husband to pick a punishment of apologies. A divorce court judge ordered the separated husband to jail or to recant social media comments that painted an "unfavorable" picture of his wife.

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