A Long Island man says his former girlfriend tricked him into surprise fatherhood four years ago. The 36-year-old telecommunications manager now wants full custody of the twins, who were conceived at an infertility clinic with reportedly stolen sperm.

The couple’s love affair lasted just six months. Shortly after they split up, the ex-girlfriend told her former boyfriend that she was pregnant. A DNA test proved that the twins were the man’s biological children. The New York father maintains joint custody of the twins and pays $800 per month in child support.

The biological father thought his short-term girlfriend’s pregnancy was an accident. He claims the couple always used condoms.

Recently, an odd receipt showed up in the man’s mailbox. The receipt apparently was for sperm cryopreservation services at a fertility clinic in the same part of Texas where the couple once lived.

The Long Island man claims his exotic dancer girlfriend took used condoms to the Advanced Fertility Center to store his sperm. Without his knowledge or consent, the clinic reportedly used the sperm for an in vitro fertilization procedure that resulted in the twins.

The telecommunications manager claims his ex is a “gold digger” who tried to claim she was owed alimony and a split of shared assets.

An attorney for the Long Island father says the clinic is to blame for sperm theft. The lawyer said the fertility clinic “violated their own policies and procedures” by not obtaining the unsuspecting donor’s consent to use his sperm.

The former girlfriend’s reported response to the accusations was dismissive. The dancer and mother of two allegedly told her ex-boyfriend that he should have known about her pregnancy efforts.

Source: gothamist.com, “LI Man Sues Fertility Clinic After He Discovers Accidental Pregnancy Wasn’t So Accidental,” Ben Yakas, Nov. 26, 2011